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CIVITAS Forum conference

You will surely all be aware of the forthcoming CIVITAS Forum conference, starting next week in Graz, Austria. So this is just to draw your attention to some sessions, which deal specifically with public involvement issues (without any claim for comprehensiveness):

· Session 1: SUMP 2.0: The new Guidelines and Cycle –How cities are implementing them. Oct. 2, 16:30

· Session 11: The key to successful mobility planning –Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in practice. Oct. 3, 11:30

· Session 15: Living Labs –Methods and design for open innovation in sustainable urban mobility. Oct. 3, 11:30

· Session 23: Inclusive community engagement at the neighbourhood level –Genuine involvement of and benefits for children, ethnic minorities, older people, etc. Oct. 3, 16:30

· Session 28: Socio-demographic challenges, diversity and gender –Free market solutions versus political interventions. Oct. 4, 9:30

· Session 30:Transforming urban mobility together: fostering innovation through better collaboration. Oct. 4, 9:30

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

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