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Cities4People communities move from mobility challenges to possible solutions

Posted on: Monday, January 28, 2019 - 16:46

Seven months on from the launch of their Citizen Mobility Labs, the five pilot sites in Cities4People have come up with solutions to address the mobility challenges identified.

Each of the locations - Oxfordshire (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Budapest (Hungary) and Trikala (Greece) - whittled an initial list of ten ideas down to a final three. These were decided upon following extensive discussions in the respective discussions and will now be trialled.

Oxfordshire will organise face-to-face trainings to support the use of the app needed to book the on-demand transport service offered in Barton. They will also provide transport to new or eligible concessionary pass holders. Finally, they will partner with local supermarkets to make rides more attractive and effective.

Budapest will set up a Mobility Point to encourage the use of sustainable transportation modes. They will also deploy real-time service tools providing information about mobility options around the Danube river. Finally, they will plan one or more days on which the lower Danube embankment will be accessible to pedestrians only.

Trikala will install smart storage locker stations in central locations to reduce the need for a car to transport personal items. Additionally, several streets around the central square will be pedestrianised, whilst free wheelchair scooters will made available for free to people with mobility impairments.

Istanbul will improve mobility in the Üsküdar district by installing benches on steep uphill streets for older people and those with reduced mobility to pause and regain energy. They will also organise a race on wheelchairs to raise awareness about the difficulty of mobility for people with impairments. Finally, they will increase security in parks and social areas by promoting social activities.

Last but not least, Hamburg will reshape mobility in the Altona District by converting car parking spots into bike parking areas, installing micro depots in combination with cargo bike deliveries, and enhancing parking controls to reduce illegal parking and increase accessibility.

To find out more about Cities4People, click here.

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