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CIVITAS SUITS trialling new tracking system for urban traffic data

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 14:14

Urban traffic data is a crucial source of information for managing traffic flows and ultimately for improving the mobility of the public. Currently, the most common method used to acquire this is through commercial General Position Satellite (GPS) trackers installed in vehicles.

Small in size and cheap, GPS trackers report their location over the cellular telecommunications network (GPRS). However, they have limited processing and storage capacities. Using a standard GPS satellite navigation system for positioning also limits the accuracy of and range within which data can be collected.

As part of the CIVITAS SUITS project, a new low-cost, satellite-based, vehicle tracking system is being developed that is intended to counter this. SBOING, its creator, is a partner in the CIVITAS SUITS consortium and has the role of Technical Manager.

The new device has a number of innovative features, including:

  • a combination of multiple satellite navigation systems for improved position accuracy;
  • position tracking with Inertial Navigation (INS) technology for when the satellite signal is poor, ensuring that tracking continues in locations such as tunnels;
  • smart communications management that selects the least expensive means of transmitting data based on the available channels at any time;
  • higher data storage capacity.

Such new devices will support and make more efficient the collection of the large volumes of traffic data required for effective urban traffic management and optimisation of public transport services.

To find out more information about CIVITAS SUITS, click here.

Photo credit: SBOING

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