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Public Involvement in CIVITAS Demo Projects: FACTS & FIGURES

The involvement and participation of citizens and stakeholders in the field of sustainable urban mobility is necessary to address their actual needs and to obtain public legitimacy. In the CIVITAS Plus edition (2008-2012), the CIVITAS ELAN project “Mobilising citizens for vital cities” introduced ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. The ELAN project took an approach where “Putting the citizen first” was at the core of the work. The five participating cities, Ljubljana, Gent, Zagreb, Brno and Porto, agreed on a common mission statement. With the adoption of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), citizen participation methods have started to shift towards online environments. Within CIVITAS Plus II, the current CIVITAS edition, the four cities Aachen, Gdynia, Koprivnica and Palma involved in the DYN@MO project  tested and implemented new methods of citizens participation called “Participation 2.0”. Participation 2.0 removes barriers of time and space and allows citizens to participate and interact with local authorities and among each other to suggest and propose new ideas rather than just be subjected to decisions made from others.

Find more info @ Aachen , Gdynia, Palma, Koprivnica and GhentLjubljana, Zagreb, Porto and Brno.

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