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CIVITAS Insight 17 on its way: ‘Participation 2.0: Informing, consulting and collaborating with citizens’

Today, there is no escaping the widespread adoption of social media. Similar to the rise of the personal computer, mobile phones and the Internet, the ascent of social media is historic and transformative in the way people think, behave and communicate. In few other places is this transformation more unique and revolutionary than in the implementation of participation 2.0 into government administration.

With this CIVITAS Insight, the CIVITAS CAPITAL project wants to provide information on participation 2.0 and its importance for a sustainable urban mobility.

As we are interested to get your views and ideas by 26 April 2016, all members of this Thematic Group have the possibility to contribute to the content of this CIVITAS Insight. If you are interested to contribute, please leave a message here!

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