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DMS inspiration from the U.S.

Inspiration from the U.S.A!

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has published a “Reference Sourcebook for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation Sources”. It’s not very recent (from January 2012), but still relevant for this DMS thematic group.  The American document describes various transportation-related greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, estimates the potential range of GHG reductions, estimates costs, identifies barriers to implementation, identifies example projects etc. There is one chapter devoted specifically to Transportation Demand Management Strategies.

The review covers the following eight Transport Demand Management strategies: Road Pricing; Parking Management and Parking Pricing; Car Sharing; Pay-as-You-Drive Insurance; Ridesharing and HOV Lanes; Transit Incentives; Transit Improvements and Telework.

For each of these topics the following is described:

  • Policy / Emissions Benefits and Costs / Implementation Concerns

  • Policy and Implementing Organizations

  • Effects (Target Group; GHG Effects)

  • Estimated Cost per Metric Ton of CO2 Reduction

  • Key Assumptions and Uncertainties

  • Data and Tools

  • Implementation Concerns (Agency Cost; Agency Implementation Concerns; Social Concerns; Other Costs/Barriers)

  • Interactions with Other Strategies (Unique Co-benefits; Unique Negative Effects)

  • Where in Use

  • Recommendations for Further Research

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