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Get feedback from an expert in a Peer Review Exercise!

CIVITAS WIKI offers the possibility of Peer Review Exercises.

Peer review exercises are external evaluations of sustainable urban mobility policies implemented by the peers themselves with the aim of obtaining feedback on a certain practice. This means that a city that wants feedback on a certain plan, policy or measure, can host a peer review exercise, inviting experts from other cities. CIVITAS can provide full reimbursement of travel costs, cover organisation expenses and help in organizing (e.g. helping to find experts).  

For example, there was a peer review exercise in Reggio Emilia in 2014 on traffic calming zones (see, and one in 2015 in Malaga on their cycling network. Feedback from participants is usually very positive. Some quotes from the Malaga peer review exercise on the question what participants liked best about the event:

  • “The recommendations by the experts about the issues of Malaga regarding cycling infrastructure”

  • “The experiences, examples and solutions shared by the experts, as well as, the recommendations received for our city”

  •  “To share and discuss the structural difference between cities”

  •  “The interaction and discussion”

If a Peer Review Exercise is something you want to know more about or even have concrete ideas about, please contact me!

Eline Jonkers (thematic leader of Transport Telematics)

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