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Resilient SUMP

The municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Italy) is leading a number of Vesuvian towns located around the volcano (around 160.00 inhabitants) in their challenges towards sustainable urban mobility. In our area, the eruption risk and emergency response should be properly addressed with proactive city planning and for this reason we are interested in developing a “resilient Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan” in our metropolitan area.
We would like to in particular to start a debate on SUMP and resilience within the CIVITAS community with the main aim of collecting suggestions and relevant information for our preparatory work.
Is there already any example of resilient SUMP in Europe?
Which cities do you think could be more suited for a peer-to-peer interaction? (e.g with comparable risk exposure for eruptions, earthquakes or flooding)
What cities can do to properly adapt their transport infrastructures and services for an emergency situation?
Is anyone interested in collaborating and working with us on this topic?
Many thanks in advance for your comments

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Representatives from San Giuseppe Vesuviano and Thessaloniki have recently met and started the discussion about SUMP and resilience side to the European Conference on SUMPs, during a policy transfer session organized with the support of Endurance.

See the presentations:

A peer review exercise (PRE) is being organized within the CIVITAS Integrated Planning Thematic Group for the end of July 2015 (29th July, tbc), aiming at collecting suggestions and relevant information for the preparatory work needed to start a SUMP process with a specific focus on resilience.

There is still room from another city, that may have relevant experience in the field (e.g with comparable risk exposure for eruptions, earthquakes or flooding) and/or may be interested in the debate about mobility planning and resilience.

Learn more at the event webpage.

The Peer Review Exercise was successfully organized on 29th July.
All the presentations and the summary report are now available at the event webpage.