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On February 26th 2015 the CIVITAS Thematic Group Safety and Security organised a peer-review in Malaga on how to improve the city's cycling network.

The peer-review group was composed by a total of 9 participants: the peer-reviewers from the city of Utrecht (Mr Jan Bloemheuvel and Mr Ruud Ditewig), 6 representatives from the city of Malaga and 1 representative from the city of San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Italy) as thematic group participant. Candela Bravo from CIVITAS WIKI was also present to coordinate the activity.

The peer-review exercise started with a site visit of a section of the current cycling infrastructure in Malaga’s east coast, followed by an interactive session on the “Cycling policies and infrastructures in Malaga” focusing on the following topics:

  • Construction Techniques and Materials used in Bicycle Lanes
  • Junctions and sensitive spots
  • Cycling parking facilities (safety and security measures)
  • Coexistence between bicycles and pedestrians

The discussion was very fruitful and the peer-reviewers provided many feedback, comments and recommendations. 

A final session was instead dedicated to the cycling planning of the city of Utrecht.

More information on the results of the peer-review can be found here:

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