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Watch CIVITAS ECCENTRIC Webinar on promoting electrification and e-mobility now

Author: Anniina Tupitsa
Posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 14:12
Stockholm, Turku , ECCENTRIC

Did you miss CIVITAS ECCENTRIC webinar on electrification of municipal and private fleets? Or did you find it so interesting that you would like to watch it again? Then watch the recording now on CIVITAS ECCENTRIC's YouTube channel!

Electrification of municipal and private fleets is a topic of key importance as cities across Europe are looking to reduce their carbon and pollutant emissions. Municipalities have a range of options to influence and impact this transition.

During the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, the cities of Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, and Turku worked on measures to promote electromobility among municipal employees, business and private users.

With the project coming to an end, the cities have learned valuable lessons on how to best go about this. This webinar looked into the question of how cities can develop and implement city-wide public charging in collaboration with charging and utility providers, as well as how cities can promote electrification working with their own fleets.

In this webinar, the City of Stockholm presents their work on charging infrastructure and discusses their master plan for developing EV-charging in Stockholm. The City of Turku illustrates how to achieve the electrification of the municipality fleet.

Concluding, the webinar includes discussion on high-level lessons learned and the role cities can take in wide-scale electrification. The speakers also share their recommendations for mobility experts.

Watch the webinar here.

You can also see other CIVITAS ECCENTRIC webinars on YouTube:

Read more about CIVITAS ECCENTRIC on the project's webpage.

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