The implementation of measures in Craiova

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In these first 8 months of project, the City of Craiova has carried out activities of study and technical analysis to obtain a maximum effect on the solutions applied and on the administrative and horizontal dissemination activities.

The implementation of the MODERN Project in Craiova has involved three different partners with three different roles: the conceptual technique (IPA), operational technique (RAT) and political-administrative decision-making (LCM).The project has a strong political backing through the sustained involvement of Mr. Theodor Sas, Deputy Mayor of Craiova Municipality. The city counts on the support of the Municipality especially for measures that are dependent on political and administrative decisions at the city level.There have been several meetings between the three partners to finalize the technical and financial aspects of each measure that will be implemented in Craiova. The final version of these changes is under analysis and will form the subject of an amendment in case of a favorable decision.Public transportation in Craiova will have 11 measures of intervention that amounts in a logical flow research and design activities, followed by demonstrative activities, impact assessment and training.For three of these measures - e-ticketing, GPS and video surveillance equipments, a technical documentation has been developed in order to acquire the necessary equipment. The three measures of intervention form a block of actions through which a complex system of monitoring, security and management of public transportation in Craiova will be developed. Another measure in an advanced phase is the electronic equipment for trams - choppers - to reduce the consumption of electricity. The technical project of the choppers is in the final phase and follows the prototype achievement and its installation on a tram until the end of this year.

Author: Virginia Matei


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