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A tale of three cities: how Cities-4-People is changing mobility behaviour

Author: Cities-4-People POTM
Posted on: Monday, March 18, 2019 - 11:14

Across Cities-4-People's (C4P) five pilot sites, communities are co-creating to devise solutions to the urban mobility challenges they face: their diverse ideas are inspired by sustainable mobility.

Yet sometimes people within and outside C4P communities do not know the sustainable transport options.

This is why awareness raising has become so critical to promoting sustainable urban mobility in C4P's five pilot areas. Three in particular focus on this.

Hamburg (Germany)

Shared mobility – be it cars, bikes, or scooters– has established itself in many cities, and Hamburg is no exception. However, people there seem to lack knowledge about the different options and how they work.

Therefore, the C4P community in the Altona neighbourhood is organising an information day to let citizens discuss shared mobility and discover different vehicles. This follows on from previous awareness raising events: knowing is the first step to changing behaviour.  

Budapest (Hungary)

This is also the logic behind the C4P group in the Hungarian capital installing a mobility point. By making car users on the city's outskirts aware of the varied travel options they have, including bike paths, pedestrian routes and public transport services, its should inspire them to leave their vehicles at home. Frequently, providing the right level of information is all that is needed to prompt people to take sustainable transport.

Oxfordshire (UK)

A journey across the Channel brings another similar scenario. The C4P community in Barton, an area of Oxford, supported the creation of a Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) service to address the area's lack of connectivity. However, they soon realised that people with a concessionary pass were unaware they could use it for the DRT service.

It became clear that people needed more comprehensive information about active travel and public transport options over longer distances. An information package is now being developed and a larger awareness raising campaign will be launched soon.

To find out more about C4P, including its pilot areas in Trikala (Greece) and Istanbul (Turkey), click here.

Image credit: Cities-4-People Budapest


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