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Sustainability, Accessibility, Multimodality: New study on free-floating electric cars in Stockholm

Author: Laura Schubert
Posted on: Thursday, April 15, 2021 - 09:59

A new study conducted within the MEISTER project indicates successes and challenges faced by free-floating electric car-sharing.

A new study by RISE and the City of Stockholm, conducted within the scope of the CIVITAS MEISTER project, explains that free-floating electric car-sharing often complements public transport and reduces the need for urban citizens to have their own car. Interestingly, the study indicates that free-floating electric shared cars have a higher occupancy rate than average cars in Stockholm. Also, the service has the potential to substantially contribute to urban mobility that is more energy and resource efficient.

The majority of study participants indicated that the main reason for their use of free-floating shared cars is that it allows them to swiftly and spontaneously find a nearby available car. Despite their wide accessibility, the cars are not charged in the on-street parking spots, meaning that they are not always located in the most convenient locations. With the growing popularity of the car-sharing service, customers sometimes also find that not all cars are fully charged, and therefore available.

One conclusion from the study is that in order to develop more supportive conditions for electric car-sharing, close collaboration between charging providers, carpool providers and urban planners is imperative.

Check out the entire study in English here.


The MEISTER project aims to transform the electro-mobility market by providing interoperable platforms and services for easy, convenient, and barrier-free access to charging, billing and smart grid service, whilst also increasing the use of renewable energy sources and self-generation methods to power electric vehicles (EVs). 

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