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Staying mobile in Stockholm without a private car

Author: Esther Kreutz
Posted on: Monday, March 30, 2020 - 10:19
Stockholm , ECCENTRIC

“To inspire citizens to try new and more sustainable modes of transport and to make life easier for those who are willing to leave the private car behind”: this is the aim of Utan egen bil, a new info portal launched in Stockholm (Sweden) as part of  CIVITAS ECCENTRIC.

The portal combines insights on mobility services, car sharing and ridesharing in Stockholm.

Upon entering the portal, readers encounter the personal stories of citizens in  Stockholm and how they lead lives without their own cars. Why did they choose to give up car ownership? How do they move around? Are their lives freer now? And what alternatives are there to private cars?

Their stories make clear how a change to a “private-car-free” lifestyle can work, without compromising freedom of mobility and condemning cars completely. The website also informs about mobility alternatives available in Stockholm.

It answers questions, including: how does car sharing work, and where can car sharing options be found in the city? How can users organise ridesharing? What bicycle options are available? These questions and more are answered through a rich collection of information, links and resources.

Since many citizens in Stockholm live in housing cooperatives (multifamily houses jointly governed by their inhabitants), a specific section of the portal is tailored for them. This focuses on how to organise the sharing of cars and cargo bikes in such a residential set-up, and how to create a bike-friendly home for inhabitants.

Through ECCENTRIC, two Stockholm housing cooperatives have received two shared electric cargo bikes for a year. The cargo bikes are provided by a company that has also set up a system for pre-booking and regular bike service and maintenance. User experiences are documented and will be shared on the new portal.

Changing travel habits is a challenging task – informative and inspiring campaigns and information that is easy to find can, in combination with other efforts, contribute to a gradual shift in knowledge, willingness to try new options, and, thus, also to a change in behaviour.

Visit the portal here and find out more on Stockholm's other measures in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, as well as the project itself.

Photo credit: Lennart Johansson

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