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Rethymno and Limassol: Mobility management leaders in the Mediterranean

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 13:34
Limassol, Rethymno , DESTINATIONS

The CIVITAS DESTINATIONS cities Rethymno (Greece) and Limassol (Cyprus) are leading the way for developing an holistic strategy for effective and reliable mobility management in their regions.

Rethymno, located on the island of Crete, is utilising an integrated approach to improve mobility management: traffic monitoring and management, improved accessibility for people with disabilities, upgraded public transport (PT) services, introducing vehicles running on clean fuels, and more attractive sustainable mobility services for tourists. 

The mobility solutions helping realise this strategy include:

  • Real-time, online traffic monitoring and continuous data collection, in addition to environmental indicator monitoring.
  • Smart systems to monitor traffic loads (thermal cameras, sensors).
  • A new ticketing system to combine mobility modes.
  • Delivery of mobility plans for healthier and safer commuting to schools.
  • Clean vehicles in public and private fleets, including the first public e-vehicle charging points (free of charge) in Crete, plus a free parking card for both visitors and residents using e-vehicles.
  • Upgraded transportation and sustainable mobility services for tourists and visitors through the Sustainable Mobility Agency.

The cornerstones of this approach are behavioural change and capacity building activities focusing on younger generations. Thus far, this involves a network of 16 schools and 2,500 students.

Limassol is also seeking to change residents' and tourists' behaviour by promoting sustainable mobility.

Limassol Tourism Board, together with the main bike sharing operator in Cyprus, Next Bike CY, has added five more stations to the city's bike sharing system. Seven map panels have been installed to provide information on walking, cycling and landmarks in several locations.

Mobility campaigns, events and competitions have been organised to increase awareness and interest among residents and tourists. To promote e-mobility, LTB installed three more EV charging stations in the Limassol region, with double parking and shelters (seven in total). This was done together with the Cyprus Electricity Authority.

A mobile application helps visitors and locals travel around the Limassol region by providing information about PT routes, EV charging stations, parking, bike sharing stations, hiking and walking paths, landmarks and accessible beaches.

LTB is also installing 25 electric signs at bus stops and 25 displays in buses to provide passengers with real-time travel information.

Read more about CIVITAS DESTINATIONS here.

Photo credit: Limassol Tourism Board

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