Opening of City Bike Scheme in Aalborg

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The City of Aalborg, in cooperation with sponsor Vattenfall, launched a bike scheme in the city. The scheme has organised for 135 bikes to be located at 19 stations. At the stations, the bikes can be released by depositing a 20-kroner coin in the lock placed on the handlebars. The coin will be returned when the bike is returned to any of the stations.

The city bike scheme represents a new generation of city bikes in Denmark. They are designed with an aluminium frame and equipped with handlebar basket, lights and 3 speeds. The bikes are also lightweight and top of the range.The purpose of the city bike scheme is to give tourists and citizens the opportunity to use city bikes as an easy and very flexible transportation mode. To encourage multimodal journeys, a number of the stations are located in proximity to main bus stops and stations. Furthermore, many of the stations are located at tourist attractions to make renting the bikes an attractive option for tourists.On 4 July the grand opening of the scheme took place at one of the central squares in the city centre. The opening event included different kinds of “bicycle entertainment”. As the official opening of the scheme all 135 city bikes where sent on a parade around the city centre. The city bike scheme has its own webpage at where users of the scheme can find more information about how the scheme works and where the city bike stations are located.A video from the event has been recorded and can be watched here

Author: Anne Marie Lautrup Nielsen


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