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Open Call for LOW-CARB Follower Cities - deadline extended

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 16:07

Contributing to the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans or SUMPs for Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) in the Interreg Central Europe area, LOW-CARB invites applications to its ‘Follower City Programme.’ The application deadline has been extended to 12 October 2018.

This call invites a total 18 follower towns, cities or regions that are in the process of either developing a SUMP or low-carbon mobility plan or is in the process of implementing a pilot measure for low-carbon mobility within its functional urban area in the Interreg Central Europe CE region.

The selected ‘Follower Cities and/or Regions’ will benefit from a knowledge transfer scheme, exchanging with one of the LOW-CARB project's town or city partners regarding their own low-carbon mobility planning processes.

Selected followers will benefit from the following capacity building activities:

  • Workshops;
  • Tool-testing; and
  • Visits to pilot demonstration sites.

Within their applications, would-be participants are invited to indicate which of the following LOW-CARB pilots are of specific interest and why:

  • Multimodal mobility platforms (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Data-based mobility planning (Szeged, Hungary)
  • Shared mobility systems (to be confirmed)
  • Smart e-mobility solutions (Koprivnica, Croatia)
  • On-demand e-bus mobility services (Skawina, Poland)

Mentoring visits will start in early 2019 and run until mid-2020.

Why participate?

  • Learn more about sustainable urban mobility planning for functional urban areas and the prioritising of public transport measures in planning low-carbon mobility for your city/region by sharing knowledge and experiences made in our partner cities and regions;
  • Discover your SUMP status by testing our SUMP self-assessment tool and receive feedback on the most appropriate tool(s) from the SUMP Tool Inventory that fits the current need(s) of your plan and its further development.
  • Develop your knowledge of innovative public transport pilots through site visits and get hands-on insights about planning and implementing innovative measures, like multimodal mobility service platforms or on-demand clean mobility services.
  • Access our LOW-CARB knowledge base, including relevant literature, presentations, expert contacts, etc.

What’s expected?

  • Participate in at least two site visits to learn more about our innovative pilots for low-carbon transport solutions in LOW-CARB partner cities and regions.
  • Engage actively in workshops linked to your site visits.
  • Test the LOW-CARB SUMP self-assessment tool for sustainable urban mobility planning in functional urban areas.
  • Show commitment to low-carbon transport development in your city and/or region by signing the LOW-CARB Declaration.

If your town, city or region is ready to respond to this open call, please download the necessary documents. Click here to find these on the call's web page.

The deadline for the submission of your application has been extended to 12 October 2018.

For more information, please contact Ms Sarah Frimmel at


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