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New LEAD deliverable considers challenges, trends and influencing factors to city logistics

Author: Laura Schubert
Posted on: Monday, March 1, 2021 - 15:35

CIVITAS LEAD aims to create Digital Twins of urban logistics networks in six cities. Their newest deliverable examines the creation of a framework as a step in this process.

For those unfamiliar with the LEAD project, it encourages experimentation and decision-making relating to on-demand logistics operations in both public and private urban settings.

The project has four implementation objectives that address relevant business, technical and regulatory challenges, as well as fulfill the innovation, dissemination and commercial ambitions of the project.

A new deliverable from the LEAD project, ‘City Logistics landscape in the era of on-demand economy’, is framed within the first objective, which aims to develop a framework to support the design and implementation of cost-effective and sustainable integrated city logistics systems by involving stakeholders in co-creation of last-mile solutions.

The deliverable provides an analysis of the strategic, regulatory, business, technology, and environmental factors influencing complex city logistics systems in the on-demand economy era. The analysis is backed by a consolidated survey on the current needs, trends and challenges of last mile logistics. The analysis and survey are important for generating up-to-date knowledge about the on-demand logistics ecosystem.

In short, readers can expect to gain a detailed understanding of existing knowledge and general understanding pertaining to the city logistics landscape in the era of the on-demand economy. The deliverable delves into the challenges and trends influencing Urban Freight Transport (UFT), typologies of agile storage and last minute distribution schemes, and Physical Internet, and Green Vehicle classification and integration in urban logistics.

Discover more for yourself by reading ‘City Logistics landscape in the era of on-demand economy’!

Download below.

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