Launch of a bio diesel experimentation in Toulouse

CIVITAS Initiative

Since the beginning of February 2008, 130 buses are running in Toulouse with 30% biodiesel. This experimentation which has been launched in the frame of the CIVITAS MOBILIS project is completing the efforts already realized in the development of the CNG bus fleet and the equipment of the diesel buses with some last generation soot filters. With this experimentation, Toulouse is getting close to its objectives to have a 100% clean bus fleet by 2009.

Together with the recent opening of the new bus depot of Langlade, the Public Transport Authority decided to launch a bio diesel experimentation. Today, one third of the public transport bus fleet (almost 150 buses) is now running in Toulouse with 30% bio diesel. In France, at the time being, the part of bio diesel within the fuel is limited to 30% for companies and public transport operators meanwhile it is limited to 5% for private cars.In new depot of Langlade, a tank is now dedicated to refuelling the buses running with bio diesel. The buses which are running with bio diesel are the oldest ones of the fleet (the last generation diesel buses are equipped with soot filters).The experimentation is supposed to last at least until the beginning of 2009 when a balance will be established in order to know where does the public transport operator should go in terms of use of biofuels. Tisséo-SMTC also envisages using biogas when all the necessary legislative conditions will be gathered.

Author: Jonathan Turgy



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