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“JobRide” uses ridesharing to reduce Munich rush hour traffic

Author: Katrin Wagner
Posted on: Friday, May 3, 2019 - 19:15

The average occupancy rate in commuter traffic is only around 1.2 people per car in Germany. This is where "JobRide" can make a difference.

“JobRide” concentrates on the fast-growing north of the city of Munich. With around 200 companies and about 12,000 jobs, the business area Parkstadt Schwabing is the destination and starting point of many daily commuter trips. A large part of those are covered with the own car and often alone.

The potential of ridesharing is so far almost unexploited. Ridesharing makes it possible to increase the number of people transported in a cost-neutral way and without further infrastructure development.

It also reduces traffic and improves the parking situation at the destination. At the same time, commuters can save time and money and find new contacts. The effort to support ridesharing is quite calculable, but the effect is big when several people share their journey to work more regularly.

Four companies located in the business area Parkstadt Schwabing and employing a large number of people are already participating: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland, OSRAM and Ed. Züblin/STRABAG. The cooperation of these companies increases the number of travel offers and requests at one location and therefore the chance of a successful travel arrangement.

JobRide is available for all employees of the participating companies. They can offer or seek a ride to commute together regularly or occasionally. The participating companies offer their employees a web- and app-based ride-sharing solution free of charge. This makes it easier for employees to organise themselves.

With Microsoft Germany and Sulzer GmbH, two new companies located in the business area Parkstadt Schwabing joined the initiative in March 2019. Beyond the borders of the district, four more companies in Munich will implement the ridesharing solution, thereby extending the "JobRide" pool.

Find out more about Munich's work in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC here and the project here.

Photo credit: City of Munich

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