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The City of Aalborg is co-operating with Aalborg University on elaborating a Green Travel Plan for the University Campuses. The plan is in this moment being approved by the University and published. The plan is based on results from a travel behaviour questionnaire performed at the University in May. Similar questionnaires have been launched at the Regional Public Transport Authority (NT) and the Department of Health and Sustainable Development (SBU). Green Travel Plans will be elaborated for these institutions during the next few months.

During spring and summer 2009, the City of Aalborg has collaborated with Aalborg University on investigating travel behaviour amongst students and employees at the University. The reason: to elaborate a green travel plan, and thereby encourage to commute more sustainably to and from the university campuses. Almost 3,000 students and employees answered an online questionnaire, giving the University and the City of Aalborg a very comprehensive picture of travel behaviour.Not surprisingly the analysis shows that students are primarily bike users and bus users, whereas the employees are car users and bike users. Among both target groups a potential for car pooling has been identified as well as moving the high share of short car trips to the bike or the bus. A remarkable result has been that car users use the car because they don’t perceive public transport as sufficient for their needs. Public Transport users use the bus because they cannot afford a car and because they don’t like the exercise on the bike, whilst cyclists are using the bike simply because they enjoy it!In September the two travel plans will be published, including a collection of measures to be implemented in companies to improve commuting and make it greener.

Author: Gustav Friis


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