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Encouraging sustainable mobility in suburban neighbourhoods through mobility management

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 13:15
Madrid, Munich, Ruse , ECCENTRIC

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC cities Madrid, Munich and Ruse have been testing new mobility management approaches in their living labs in order to convince the people living, working, and travelling there of the virtues of sustainable mobility.  


The City of Madrid's activities are focused on certain groups. One of the project's priorities is to increase the participation of children, teenagers, and elderly people in transport policy development and the design of transport measures. For example, technical planners and elderly people have collaborated closely to create elderly-friendly pedestrian infrastructure within the city's living lab.

Other measures include a campaign to promote intergenerational understanding between teenagers and elderly people in public transport and cycle training for children. In addition, the City is offering contemporary mobility education to and organising mobility campaigns for schools. These will all be devised using the approach from the Sustainable Travel Accreditation and  Recognition for Schools project, in which Madrid is also a partner.  


Munich will trial an original combination of neighbourhood-based mobility management activities. This includes mobility marketing and communications campaigns aimed at living lab residents, mobility education and training for child care facilities and schools, and a ride sharing scheme for companies located in the lab’s business hub.

Project partner Domagkpark eG, the living lab's cooperative, is developing an online community portal that contains all mobility-related information and services and provides neighbours with a platform to communicate with each other.  Green City e.V, another project partner, is offering intergenerational training where teenagers teach senior citizens how to use the internet, smartphones, and apps for planning their daily mobility.


In Ruse, project partner CSDCS is working to raise awareness of the need for and benefits of sustainable mobility, with an emphasis on road safety. A large-scale media campaign will be conducted on sustainable mobility, whilst awareness raising events and mobility conferences will be organised for living lab residents, transport experts, and stakeholders. Furthermore, Ruse is organising training events for public transport personnel on sustainable transport, road safety, and energy savings.

To find out more about the ECCENTRIC project, visit its project page.

Image credit: Pressefoto RadlKULT, photographer: Tobias Hase

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