CIVITAS PROSPERITY final brochure out now!

CIVITAS PROSPERITY, one of the CIVITAS SUMP projects, has published its final report. This is now available to read and download.

As it enters its final months, the time has come to reflect on how PROSPERITY has supported local and national governments to improve the quality and uptake of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

The main aim of CIVITAS PROSPERITY was to get the national level actively involved in supporting cities to develop SUMPs. This was primarily achieved in two ways.

Firstly, regular international peer-to-peer exchange between the national and regional level authorities of different countries enabled the different to learn and exchange about each other’s national SUMP activities.

Secondly, a development process has been introduced in each project country that has seen the national level interacting with cities and other important stakeholders in a national SUMP task force.

In all 13 countries that CIVITAS PROSPERITY was active in, national/regional SUMP support programmes (or roadmaps for a programme) have been designed with the support of and contributions from the highest level of administration in these countries and regions.

The final brochure provides a comprehensive overview on what has been done in the project, its results, and what it achieved.

Read the brochure here. To find other publications and outputs, visit the CIVITAS PROSPERITY website here.

The project is set to conclude at the end of August 2019.
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