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CIVINET Activity Fund Call 2021 for the re-activation of CIVINETs

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 08:57

The CIVINET Activity Fund Call 2021 has now been launched! As part of this, a one-off “kick-start funding” is available to support the re-activation of the new CIVINET secretariat of (either) CIVINET Francophone, CIVINET Polska or CIVINET UK & Ireland. The application deadline is 30 September 2021, 17:00 Brussels time.

The CIVINETs are a group of national networks that promote the CIVITAS approach at a local level, overcoming language and contextual barriers for local authorities and organisations interested in promoting sustainable urban mobility.

Members exchange information in their own language, working together to engage with the European Union and national governments on transport policy issues, legislation, regulations, and funding.

Engaged network partners – either private, semi-public or public – that come up with a tangible plan to host the new CIVINET secretariats of either CIVINET Francophone, CIVINET Polska, or CIVINET UK & Ireland can apply for a one-off starting fund of up to EUR 8,000,00.

Typically, a CIVINET secretariat is in charge of administering the respective CIVINET and organising its activities on a daily basis, such as:

  • Managing the membership registrations database of contacts, in adherence with applicable data protection legislation.
  • Being the contact point for the respective CIVINET.
  • Maintaining and broadening the CIVINET network.
  • Organising respective CIVINET meetings and events.
  • Being responsible for the financial management of the respective CIVINET.
  • Managing the respective CIVINET website/webpage and/or other communication channels (e.g. social media).
  • Producing information material (brochures, newsletters).
  • Being the main contact person for the respective CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action.

The call information and application form can be found on the dedicated Activity Fund page.

Find out more on all CIVINETs here.

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