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Car independent lifestyles

A lot of CIVITAS measures aim to get people out of their cars and onto public transport or their bike. Modern information technology, safe and secure infrastructure, bike rentals and city bike solutions are some of the initiatives cities implement to attract more people to travel by bike or walk.

Additionally, CIVITAS cities also seek ways to make more sustainable use of the car through car pooling and car sharing.

Car pooling involves sharing rides among two or more travellers in the same vehicle headed for the same destination. It can be facilitated by organised “matching” services.

Car sharing, on the other hand, involves sharing cars among a group of people that do not necessarily need a car on a daily basis. It is usually based on a membership arrangement with the vehicle parked nearby and can avert purchases of second cars.

Sharing vehicles has several benefits. For travellers, it saves money, for employers, it reduces the need for on-site parking, and then there are the obvious benefits that come with fewer cars on the road.

CiViTAS thematic video on: Less Car Dependent Lifestyle

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