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Mobility Measure

Sustainable regional mobility plan (SRMP) in touristic regions

This measure involves the development of a common strategic plan for mobility, tourism and other related macro policy topics at regional level.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure will contribute positively to shift tourists and residents to more sustainable transport modes for their leisure and every day trips. The measure will contribute to change people behaviour improving data and resource sharing between all mobility stakeholders. The objective is to focus on mobility and tourism information collection and to share resources and data between different regional actors and markets. Info touristic/mobility point will be relevant tool to provide information about touristic attraction and mobility solutions to people.


  • Prepare a smart, participative and sustainable regional mobility plan with a long-term vision;
  • Better usage of transport infrastructures according the mobility demand.
  • Promotion of an attractive and high quality public transport service
  • Promotion of behaviour change among tourists and residents to more sustainable transport modes
  • Tourist satisfaction increase due to better mobility solution.

How will this be achieved?

The measure will include the following innovative actions in Madeira:

  • Definition of a central framework and implementation of an innovative integrated system/platform to collect mobility data and to support transport planning of all regional transport actors, modes and transport infrastructure;
  • It will be carried out a Tourist Mobility Study that will analyse the mobility patterns of tourists;
  • Draw up a sustainable regional tourism mobility plan in articulation with existing regional strategic framework for transport, tourism and land use;
  • Evaluation of Public transport network design at local and regional level;
  • Citizen participation, mobility stakeholders and tourist involvement platform for city living, with the support of an online platform for citizens make suggestions, notify problems;
  • Mobility management for big events, including traffic plans, promotion of the use of sustainable modes of transports, evaluation of how tourists and residents travel to the events;
  • Info mobility point will be improved to provide touristic and mobility information in Funchal.

How did the measure progress?

Preparation of the requirements for the tender of the SRMP and tourist mobility study (involving data counting campaigns and mobility patters of tourists).

Preliminary meetings have been held between SRETC and CMF for managing traffic at big events.

This measure has been able to guarantee synergies with other EU funds: structural funds will finance the SRMP


What were the outcomes of the measure?

A global tourist mobility study and at least one strategic transport network design study.

Traffic plans for at least two annual events.

Launch of a web based platform to a better involvement of citizen and tourist.

One platform to collect data, control and support transport planning at regional level.

Info tourist/mobility info point in Funchal.