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Mobility Measure

SUMP for Limassol

The Sustainable Mobility Tourist Action Plan will be developed for Limassol city centre. The plan will satisfy the mobility needs of residents and tourists. A new planning concept will be able to address transport related challenges and problems of urban areas in a more sustainable and integrative way.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This action will focus on tourists needs and evolve the Limassol city centre to a more sustainable destination. Tourists will enjoy their vacations with less noise, less CO2 emissions, free space, less traffic, healthier and safer environment and enjoy the city centre of Limassol by using sustainable modes of transportation.

How did the measure progress?

The strategic plan has been finalised and the baseline report has been submitted.  

A feasibility analysis has been developed, based on collected data, with the region mentioned specified.

Tourists filled out questionnaires regarding the current situation. 

Research analysis was carried out in parallel with the project local action measures.

The implementation of the measure will be completed in August 2020.