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Mobility Measure

SMART Transport Systems for Freight

Aberdeen City Council has deployed HGV priority measures along Wellington Road, a main HGV route to the south, which has sections of the corridor located on a steep gradient. The measures were deployed to extend the signal timings, when an HGV was detected, on the steeper gradient approaches to limit, as far as practically possible, HGV’s having to stop and start at these junctions.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measures seen a decrease of journey times for HGV traffic along this route; however, it is more difficult to assist with freight movements whilst the network was congested at peak times.

There is a need to provide more accurate traffic information to the freight industry to assist with the planning and operation of freight routes in and around Aberdeen. Provision of prediction and live traffic data will enable freight operators to more accurately plan and operate routes, which would contribute to the improvement of Air Quality through a reduction of freight movements on congested corridors and by a more efficient movement of freight within Aberdeen. The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is due to open by the end of 2017 which will deploy a signage strategy to direct all HGV’s, from any route out with the city, to travel into Aberdeen using the southern access route of Wellington Road. This solution will aim to develop improved journey times for HGV traffic along this route, providing advantages to their operations.