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Mobility Measure

Smart PT traveller information service

Demonstration of advanced PT user information systems, pre-trip and on-trip, and fleet control systems, with special attention paid to impaired users.

Implementing sustainable mobility

New scheduling optimisation software that produces new timetables and General Transit Feed Specification from Google

The scheduling optimisation software is the base system where the operator defines the service (bus stops, bus lines, timetables), and then assigns the drivers (taking into account factors such as holidays and hours worked) and the buses with a connection to the maintenance service. This makes clear which bus is available.

This system also registers when the service has been 'completed', making it possible to compare the planned service with the actual service. The system can also export data for information services, such as General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), timetables, maps of service and interesting points, and bus stop information. In terms of operating support services, the system also connects with the ticketing system.

Test integrated ticketing and fleet control system

In September 2018, Horários do Funchal installed onboard equipment that integrates the ticketing and the fleet control systems. This has seen good results so far. 

New PT website and app

Horários do Funchal has defined requirements for its new website. The most important criteria are that it is responsive; utilises Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); is in at least two languages (English and Portuguese); has a client area; has a Content Management Platform; and that service information is available through Google Maps.

The technical requirements for the mobile application were also planned; this will be developed together. In this planning, Horários do Funchal integrated the requests of users with disabilities, including those with sight and hearing impairments, so as to provide them with better information services.

Following this analysis, the bus operator will test a system that allows the establishment of an automatic communication line without the need for any intervention by the passenger. The solution is divided into two subsystems, thus complementing the development of an app for Android and iPhone systems.

New real-time information panels

The information panels currently in use in the city use monochrome LED lamps and communication in real time is done through GSM. The panels are technically outdated because they do not allow more flexibility in the presentation of information to passengers.

With the support of ARDITI (the regional agency for innovation and technological investigation) and project partners GUAGUAS from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Horários do Funchal has defined the technical requirements for new real-time information panels.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More info

  • Supplier of the scheduling optimization software - see here

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Improve the quality and accessibility of the PT information.
  • Increased number of tourists that are aware of sustainable modes of transport before travelling.

Basic Information

MAD 7.3
December 2016

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