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Mobility Measure

Smart Parking Guidance System

This measure concerns the implementation of the smart parking guidance system technology in 7 public parking locations in Limassol centre. Smart sensors have already been installed in 7 Municipal owned parking, which are transferring (in real-time) the parking spaces availability to a central server and by extension to smart applications.

These sensors provide the real-time availability in the parking’s entrance, so that people know if they should enter the specific parking or drive to the next one.

Also, seven guidance signs have been installed in key boulevards in Limassol indicating the parking places availability, in order to help drivers decide in which parking place they should focus while entering the city centre and in addition to guide them for finding easily an available parking.

Implementing sustainable mobility


The following are the objectives of the Smart Parking Guidance System:

  1. Improved urban accessibility
  2. Enhancement of social cohesion
  3. Less energy consumption
  4. Mobility management of the city
  5. Less emissions
  6. Reduce unnecessary traffic congestion in the city centre
  7. Improve the whole mobility system
  8. Improve leisure level of tourists visiting city centre due to lower traffic

How will this be achieved?

Smart sensors and further smart electronic devices will make available to car drivers, through mobile applications and variable message systems, crucial information regarding parking space availability.

The measure will improve the whole mobility system, not only for tourists travelling by car but it will also improve leisure level of tourists visiting city centre due to lower traffic/noise/CO2 emissions and higher safety level.

The application will be generalized in order to be able to be implemented in other tourist cities/places. The measure is aiming to the implementation of the smart parking technology so that the drivers will be inform either by electronic signs in some important traffic places, either by application on mobile phones.

How did the measure progress?

A study visit was performed for the identification of the 7 most famous parking places in the coastal front of Limassol area and the city centre. After the study visit and the decision for Limassol Municipality’s parking places, procurement was published for finding a private company to implement this measure.

The awarded company proceeded with the installation of smart electronic devices for collecting all information regarding the availability of the parking spaces. After the processing of the information in a server, the drivers are being informed about available parking spots through guidance signs which are placed in different points inside the city centre, therefore choose the most suitable itinerary for them.

Outside of each parking place, there will also be a sign presenting the real-time availability and in addition this availability will be accessible through the Ministry of Transport’s website and LTC’s application for green mobility.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

To make available parking guidance to drivers before reaching the parking spaces, by providing information for real-time parking availability, which can be visually displayed on mobile phones/computer devices/etc. through a smart application as well as on variable message systems that will be located around city center.

Smart sensors will be installed in about 7 municipally owned spaces, which will be able to transfer real time data regarding spaces availability to a central server.