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Mobility Measure

Shared Elba Mobility Agency

Implementing sustainable mobility

The “SHARED ELBA MOBILITY” Agency is the structure dedicated to planning, managing, and coordinating the different ride sharing services, user infomobility services and types of mobility planning support available on the island.

The main elements of the “SHARED ELBA MOBILITY” Agency are the web Platform and Apps and the dedicated organisation and structure for its operation (essential part of this measure). The platform will be the ICT backbone for the Agency, which will help it achieve its objective of improving service accessibility and transport information for both final users and citizens.

The Agency will be managed by an entity (like existing associations or existing portal provider or a specific NGO or SME start-up) set-up by the involved municipalities according to the European/national procurement procedures.

The Agency will have those requirements:

  • Elba Open Data Layer
  • Elba Operators Networking (CSBB) and mobility support
  • Infomobility Services
  • Ride Sharing Services

Elba Open Data Layer

The ELBA OPEN DATA layer will be implemented following these main steps:

  • analysis and identification the main systems and services that can act as data and information sources
  • defining the protocol and procedures for collecting and interfacing the data
  • design of the open data layer
  • design the adapting services to get data into the layer
  • development, testing and validation will be carried out inside the WP4
  • operation will be part of the Sharing platform to be developed in WP4.

Elba Operators Networking (CSBB) and mobility support

This component aims to increase the accessibility and attractiveness of Elba Island for tourists by the coordination of already existing rental services (Cars, Scooters, Bikes and Boats, etc.) with reduction of car trips and related traffic congestion and emissions.

The “car-scooter-bike-boat sharing” (CSBB) service in ELBA island is based on:

  • existing “rental points/stations” (to be extended during the project);
  • coordination of different services in the framework of the “SHARED ELBA MOBILITY" Agency.


Rental services will be coordinated for some pillars (info, booking, etc.) by the SHARED ELBA MOBILITY AGENCY.

The P2P schemes will be organised in order to have the possibility to leave the CSBB at another controlled/supervised point/station.

Infomobility Services

This component provides specific multimodal info-mobility services through the management of data communication with the Elba OPEN DATA LAYER component and the elaboration of the collected data.

One of the services to be provided at this level, for example, is the multimodal journey planner by the provision of the public transport service arrival time at each bus stop.

Ride Sharing Services

This component is dedicated to managing some specific service based on the “ride sharing scheme” as “share the same trip”.

The agency will support the following services through a specific APP:

  • Share a trip: the user asks to share a trip for some Elba localities by activating the APP that connects him/her with other users nearby and by indicating the destination and the departure time.
  • Plan the shared trip: the user is able to plan a trip by choosing the departure/arrival points, the dates, time and routes agreeing them with other users who are planning a similar trip.
  • Tracking the trip: the aim of this service is to provide a functionality devoted to the safety of the users during the trip, since, once activated in the APP, the position and the trip is monitored and the user is given the possibility to send an evaluation and/or emergency messages.
  • Share a taxi trip: the aim of this service is to optimize the needs of the users to allow them to share a taxi trip and related cost.
  • Hitchhiking: the user, from any place along the predefined routes, activates the APP and sends a request message for a trip that the APP makes visible to other users. This service is similar to the "share a trip" service. The aim is to provide a trip to any location on the island within a network of predefined routes.

Basic Information

ELB 4.1
March 2017

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