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Mobility Measure

Security action plan for suburban railway

The safety and security of passengers using public transport is a major priority for Stuttgart's public transport system. This measure therefore focused on the needs of specific user groups in terms of subjective feelings of safety when using public transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Prior to CARAVEL measure implementation there was no integrated safety and security plan for the public transport system. In 2003, for example, 46 percent of women interviewed felt unsafe at stations at night. The aim of the measure was therefore to:

  • improve security in public transport through an integrated transport security concept for the suburban railway in Greater Stuttgart;
  • substantially improve subjective feelings of safety and security, especially among specific public transport user groups, including young people, women and the elderly; and
  • implement activities ensuring that a high degree of safety and security are achieved on a permanent basis.

How did the measure progress?

The key measures initiated by the Verband Region Stuttgart to achieve this comprehensive strategy were the continuous monitoring of quality factors, the installation of video cameras at each station, and improvements to the technology that permits dialogue between passengers and train or bus drivers and other public transport staff. Training workshops were organised for target passenger groups to encourage them to make use of public transport options and to improve their feelings of security. Bus drivers also received training to make them more aware of passengers' needs. 


What were the outcomes of the measure?

Passengers' feelings of security on public transport improved, especially among young people, women and the elderly. The result was achieved through partnership between the authorities and the public transport operator.



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