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Mobility Measure

School and foreign students awareness raising campaign package

AREAM, supported by CMF, SRETC and HF, will develop and implement an action plan for safer routes to six pilot schools that experience significant traffic problems during peak hours. For these schools, a project designed to reduce traffic is under development. Awareness raising actions will be organised at another 25 schools across the island.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Elaboration, implementation and monitoring of action plans for six schools in Funchal

In June 2019, the last two mobility studies with baseline situation and improvement recommendations were completed. The six mobility studies in the schools have all been completed.

Implementation of safer routes in the areas surrounding the six pilot schools

AREAM, the regional agency for energy and environment in Madeira, delivered mobility schools reports to the Municipality of Funchal with proposed actions. The municipality assessed the feasibility of implementation from a technical point of view.  

In the meantime, other mobility issues near the schools are being addressed through soft and hard measures, for example improvements in accessibility and signalling.

The municipality is in the process of further expanding strategic actions aimed at improving accessibility near schools that are not related to the pilot schools.

In the meantime, actions to improve accessibility to public transport stops are also being implemented.

Raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable urban mobility behaviour

Horários do Funchal and AREAM have held several communication activities in schools and at the university. These have utilised a wide variety of communication materials and methods, such as roll-ups, flyers, promoters, and website information.

Application “Pick-Up and Ride”

AREAM is developing an app to reduce the congestion caused by the picking up of pupils after school and at peak hours. It is predicted to be ready in November for testing in the involved schools. In August, meetings were held with the schools where the application will be tested.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More information

The following sustainable mobility in schools:

  • EB23 Santo António - pdf
  • EB23 Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia - pdf
  • EB123 PE Bartolomeu Perestrelo - pdf
  • EB1 PE da Ajuda - pdf.
  • EB1 PE da Achada - pdf
  • EB e Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva - pdf

Below are further examples of promotional activities:

  • See an example of the promotional activities for students.
  • See an example of a flyer used for  promotional activities here.
  • See a video promoting the use of public transport to university here.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Less environmental pollution around schools.
  • Reduce private car use and increase PT use among students.
  • Less energy consumption.