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Mobility Measure

School and foreign students awareness campaign package

AREAM supported by CMF, SRETC and HF will coordinate the development and implementation of an action plan for safer routes in six pilot schools with significant traffic problems in peak hours.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will develop and implement an action plan for safer routes in six pilot schools with significant traffic problems in peak hours. For these 6 schools a traffic calming design project will be developed. Awareness raising actions will be organised at another 25 schools throughout the island.


  • Develop mobility planning tools.
  • Improve the accessibility to schools.
  • Reduce the conflicts of the different modes in the access to schools.
  • Reduction of traffic congestion surrounding schools.
  • Improve children security and parent’s perception of children security.
  • Raise awareness and change behaviours of schools community.
  • To promote the attractiveness of the city for foreign students.

How will this be achieved?

This measure will develop the following activities:

  1. Elaboration, implementation and monitoring of action plans for six schools in Funchal:
  • Selection of six pilot schools, in which sustainable mobility and security are priorities.
  • Elaboration of action plan with chronology and articulation of actions to promote sustainable mobility to go to school, including safety measures especially for soft modes.
  1. Implementation of safer routes in the surroundings of six pilot schools:
  • Urban public space design project around schools to choose the best integrated solution for mobility and urban design.
  • Preparation of sites and stakeholders involvement for the implementation of urban design project.
  1. Raise awareness for sustainable urban mobility behaviours:
  • Training and awareness activities in 25 regional schools in Madeira, including the six pilot schools in Funchal.
  • Awareness raising activities include also foreign students, regarding change of behaviours and adaptation of their needs to more sustainable displacements.

The measure foresees to continue the implementation of the actions defined in the Mobility Pact, signed with University of Madeira in the scope of the CIVITAS Mimosa Project, and extend the Mobility Pact concept to other municipalities in the Region.


How did the measure progress?

AREAM has met with the board of directors of six selected schools and filled pre-diagnosis fact sheets of the accessibility around them.

A wide mobility survey campaign has taken place, targeting all the school community (pupils, parents, teachers and school staff). Almost 8,000 answers were received and we are currently feeding up the database and will start analysing data during June 2018.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Sustainable mobility action plans for 6 schools in Funchal.

Awareness raising actions in 25 schools in Madeira Island.

1500 students involved in the awareness raising campaign, including foreign scholarship students.