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Mobility Measure

Safe routes to school

The purpose of this measure is to educate both students and parents through innovative workshops to use more sustainable modes to commute to school.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure will assist in educating the younger generation and cultivating the ground for a greener approach in mobility.

How did the measure progress?

LTC promoted the aim of 'Safe routes to school' (Responsible Partner- Stratagem) through events organised during the European Mobility Week.

Following approval from the Ministry of Education, Stratagem and LTC visited nine primary schools where they held presentations and interactive workshops. Four  more schools were visited on 09 May, 2018.

A video focused on student education regarding ‘Safe routes to school’ has been prepared. 

Questionnaires and e-questionnaires have been distributed to parents.

Basic Information

LIM 3.3
December 2016

Thematic Areas