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Mobility Measure

Public transport security programme

Under the motto “always here for you to travel safely”, Craiova intends to tackle the fraudulent and antisocial behaviour on public transport that endangers passengers.

Implementing sustainable mobility

To increase the safety of citizens in buses and at stations, Craiova will install surveillance cameras in 10 stations and on 15 buses used for crowded routes. The cameras will be connected to the dispatcher and will both capture and deter anti-social behaviour and vandalism. This will be particularly effective in unpopulated station areas, during peak hours, during the weekend when the number of passengers is reduced, or in peripheral areas. The measure also aims to increase passenger safety through concrete legislation, by associating more severe punishments with fraudulent actions and bad behaviour. Surveillance cameras will transmit images and information to the dispatcher and rapid interventions will be made in the case of serious incidents.

The video surveillance system is part of an integrated system for monitoring activities related to public transport, so the entire system was designed as a whole which provides specific features, useful both for the public transport company and the public transport users. The system will be monitored during implementation, in order to intervene and correct any operational problems or technical and conceptual malfunctions. A similar system for traffic surveillance in the main intersections is already in operation in the city. The system is managed by the municipality together with the municipal policy. A detailed study on stations and routes will be made to establish which are the more unsafe stations and areas of the city. The implementation of the measure includes research, dissemination, training, demonstration and evaluation activities. A yearly meeting with the top 10 public transport operators belonging to the biggest municipalities of Romania will be held to exchange on the lessons learned in this and other measures.

How did the measure progress?

The system installation began in September 2010. In the first stage the video surveillance cameras were installed in five stations and on ten buses. The communication systems between cameras and dispatcher depend on the place where the cameras are installed, whether inside the vehicles or in the stations. Until now the communication equipment and related software (communication and video processing software) were verified and tested, to assure the connection between the outside equipment and the central acquisition system installed in the dispatcher centre.

The video surveillance cameras were installed on buses of MAN Lion City type, using DVR to store images onboard and real time video transmission in the stations. The buses/trams stations and public transport routes were analysed to determine which stations require supervision and the bus lines where the antisocial behaviour rate is higher. The analysis was based on data and information on public transport services by the RAT transport company. The study examined the communication methodology used for the equipment and details of assembly, positioning, cabling and connectivity. The results of this analysis were included in the implementation plan delivered by the system provider. Training was provided for drivers and for technicians working on maintaining the cameras.  A promotional campaign was also initiated to make citizens aware of the measure.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Craiova expects that the measure will:

  • Reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour on public transport and in stations;
  • Increase passenger safety.

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