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Mobility Measure

Promotion & creation of network for collection of used cooking oil

This measure will support the creation of a network for collecting used cooking oil from restaurants and hotels in Limassol and transferring it into a sustainable biodiesel production in the mobility sector.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Tourists will enjoy their leisure trip in a friendlier and cleaner environment. The aim will be for Limassol to evolve and introduce biodiesel (produced from used cooking oil UCO) as a new fuel for future transportation.

How did the measure progress?

The company that collects UCO has been selected. The collaboration process has been finalised and an action plan has been developed.

Restaurants, hotels and bakeries that may be part of this network have been identified. 

Stakeholder engagement and cooperation has been carried out with a list of selected restaurants, hotels and bakeries.

Collaboration with LTC has been developed for Green Label hotels.

Research regarding the UCO collection tank costs has been completed, so it can be offered to participants.