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Mobility Measure

Promoting sustainable mobility to cruising tourists

The City of Trieste offers a unique pier for cruise ships that leads on to the city’s main square. This facility offers unrivalled benefits for tourists: they are immediately in close proximity to museums, monuments, shops, and restaurants. However, it also represents a serious concern in terms of mobility.

Implementing sustainable mobility

In order to provide more precise information and promote active mobility (particularly walking and cycling) to tourists, the city of Trieste will develop a walking and cycling guidebook.

The guidebook will give easily understandable, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on how to move about in the city.

This will include details on bike parking facilities in the Old Port area and the location of intermodal stations, transport hubs, bus stops, and bike-sharing stations. It will also contain itineraries for tourists to navigate the city's cultural and historical sites.

The guidebook will be freely downloadable from municipality and tourist company websites, distributed in hotels, and made available within an app. The app in particular should help tourists who only a spend short time in the city and thus need quick information on where to go.