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Mobility Measure

Promoting carpooling and car sharing

Car-sharing software was provided to organisations in Lancashire for use on their intranet sites in order to promote car sharing among individuals and organisations.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Reducing single-occupancy car journeys reduces congestion and cuts emissions. Preston therefore worked to develop new forms of car use and ownership by focusing on car sharing and car clubs.

How did the measure progress?

The car-sharing website was developed to help with ride matching. 

Efforts were made to develop a car club for the city of Preston, with the University of Central Lancashire, Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council. 

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Car sharing increased in organisations in Preston where the ride-matching software was introduced, resulting in reduced emissions.

With over 400 people from Preston and South Ribble registered, and each shared journey making an annual reduction of 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide, the measure provided a potential reduction in carbon dioxide of over 200,000 kg per annum.

Attempts to establish a city car club proved problematic and early endeavours were unsuccessful.

Basic Information

November 2011

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