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Mobility Measure

Promote the uptake of clean vehicles by fleet operators

The charging network will be expanded to include 20 points near locations relevant to tourist activities (i.e.: hotels and restaurants), with an information system on e-mobility introduced. Incentive schemes to promote the purchase of electric vehicles will be put in place as supporting measures.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Promotion of e-mobility

The MADEIRA MOVE campaign was developed in all municipalities of the region in 2017. This included events promoting the use of the electric vehicles (EVs), mores sustainable modes, and road safety. These were targeted at the entire population, with special games for children.

In order to promote electromobility in Funchal, several promotional activities took place, such as the creation of a brochure to promote EVs among the residential sector and companies; the development of a campaign for the acquisition of EVs; and the promotion of the charging network expansion.

AREAM, the regional agency for energy and environment in Madeira, supported both the Municipalities of Funchal, Machico and Santa Cruz, and businesses - such as shops, restaurants and hotels - in the installation of seven e-charging stations for EVs in municipal car parks and public space.

The green tariff was reactivated according to the legal framework to promote electric mobility. The green tariff allows hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles to enjoy a 50% discount on parking in Funchal and makes parking free for EVs.

AREAM is developing a guidebook for electric mobility in Madeira. This guidebook will cover raising awareness on electric mobility, incentives for promoting electric mobility, charging stations, types of accessibility to electric vehicle charging points, charging point installation, and electric mobility legislation. It will be made available on the AREAM website.

At the same time, AREAM is restructuring its own website to include an area dedicated to the promotion of electric mobility, which will also serve to promote the campaign targeted at citizens and companies to encourage the purchase of EVs.

Incentive schemes for the purchase of EVs

In order to promote an incentive scheme for EV acquisition in the public sector, AREAM analysed fleets from three regional government entities, with the objective of assessing the need for fleet update with the promotion of EVs.

AREAM promoted the open call "Third Phase of the Programme of Support to Electric Mobility of the Public Administration" to the 11 municipalities of Madeira. Financed by the Environmental Fund, this programme covers up to 50% of the monthly renting/leasing cost of up to two vehicles per municipality over a period of 48 months.

AREAM is supporting the Regional Government in the creation of an incentive scheme in Porto Santo Island to promote the purchase of EVs in private fleets. To implement this objective, Ordinance No. 434/2019 was passed on 7 August that regulates the incentive for Electric Mobility on Porto Santo Island. his is called “PRIME-RAM”.

This is a measure under Madeira's SUMP and the “Porto Santo Sustentável - Smart Fossil Free Island” Project, foreseen in the Region's Budget for 2019. For this project, 400,000 Euros were reserved in the 2019 budget. 

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More info

Awareness raising brochure for electric mobility:

  • Companies - read the PDF.
  • Citizens -  read the PDF.

Minutes to support the communication of charging station installation in collective housing:

  • Connected to house electricity counter  - read the document.
  • Connected to condominium electricity counter - read the document.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Less pollution and improved air quality.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • Increased use of renewable energy.