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Mobility Measure

Promote the uptake of clean vehicles by fleet operators

AREAM supported by CMF, SRETC and HF will expand the charging network including 20 relevant points for tourist activities (i.e.: hotels and restaurants) and car parks in private and public spaces, and information platform on electric mobility.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure aims to expand the charging network, including 20 relevant points for tourist activities (i.e.: hotels and restaurants) and information system on electric mobility. The creation of favourable conditions for electric mobility increment, namely through the preparation of planning and regulative tools. Incentive schemes to promote the purchase of electric vehicles will be put into practice as supporting measures.


  • Promotion of electrical mobility.
  • Creation of incentive schemes for electric vehicles purchase.
  • Expansion of the e-charging network in Madeira.
  • Creation of an information platform about e-charging network.
  • Creation of municipal regulation to electric vehicle promotion.
  • Study of electrical transport impact in electricity production and use of renewable energy.

How will this be achieved?

In the scope of this measure, the development of the following actions is foreseen:

  1. Promotion of electric mobility:
  • The expansion of the electric vehicle charging network in Madeira,
  • Creation of an information platform, available through a mobile and desktop application
  • Implement a monitoring system to measure electric vehicle consumption for transport.
  • Promotion of electric mobility through the elaboration of a regulation to be included in municipal legal framework of urbanization and construction, to install electric vehicle –e-charging points in collective residential buildings and services.
  • HF will play a demonstrative role as they will deploy 4 electric vehicles that will intensively circulate in Funchal and around the city for administrate purposes, so as to showcase how reliable electric vehicles are.
  • The Municipality will further support the measure through the purchase and deployment of at least 2 recharging stations for electric vehicles that will be located in strategic areas. 
  1. Incentive schemes for electric vehicle purchase:
  • Creation of a mechanism for joint procurement to obtain greater competitiveness in the final price;
  • Study of an incentive scheme to promote the increase electric vehicles purchase, making more affordable for final users the energy charging during night time.


How did the measure progress?

Organisation of an experience of electric mobility for members of the Regional Government. During one week, in October 2017, the council members have used five electric vehicles provided by local EV marketers.

Technical support to SRETC was provided by AREAM in the framework of Madeira Move Initiative, to promote Electric Mobility.

Elaboration and launch (October 2017) of brochures on electric mobility for the domestic and business sectors.

Protocol of cooperation with the regional television channel for the elaboration of three TV shows on electric mobility.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Electrical charging points in 20 places in Madeira Island.
  • 100 new electrical vehicles in private and public fleets.
  • Renting of four batteries to supply four light electrical vehicles.
  • 1 Light electrical vehicle.
  • 1 Electrical charging points network information platform.
  • 1 Evaluation report of the impact of the electrical vehicles in the electricity load diagram.
  • 1 Municipal regulation for electrical charging points in new buildings.
  • 3 Incentive schemes, including 2 Joint procurement mechanisms for electric vehicles.