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Mobility Measure

P&R concept and implementation of city parking system

Park-and-ride (P&R) involves car parks with connections to public transport that allow commuters and other people travelling to city centres to leave their vehicles and transfer to a busrail system or carpool arrangement for the remaining part of the journey. The measure foresees the introduction of a new P&R parking system in Brno in the frame of the existing city parking system. In this measure the City of Brno will build P&R and link it to a system of payment favouring parking in the designated areas with subsequent use of public transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The City of Brno completed the proposal of a park and ride system. Different possible localities were chosen for implementing this system in conjunction with city officials.


  • Optimise the use of suitable space by static traffic using ITS
  • Change the ratio of individual and public transport in favour of public transport
  • Develop a solution to connect P&R car parks (built using SMB funds) to public transport
  • Introduce a unified system for gathering traffic and operational data, including transfer of data to the BKOM Central Technical Management Centre and provision of the data to the Traffic Information Centre

Innovative aspects

  • Introduction of the new P&R parking system in the frame of currently constructed city parking system
  • Solution for transfer connections of P&R and PT
  • Public transport support model
  • Higher quality of transport subsystems coexistence
  • New tool for gathering information concerning parking options in the city of Brno

This measure will involve the selection of a suitable place for building a P&R parking system, as well as the selection of the contractor and infrastructure of the parking space to be constructed.

How did the measure progress?

What was done?

  • Selection of the location for the P&R facility
  • Design of P&R
  • Discussions on the technological possibilities of P&R equipment e.g. capacity (177 parking spaces), cameras, gates on entrance and exit, payment terminal with possibility of data transfer to central dispatching, information system for public transport, guidance system
  • Survey for the most suitable data transfer regarding P&R occupancy rate. This survey serves as a groundwork for more accurate specification of tender and it covers possible technologies for data transfer which are available in the Czech Republic
  • Processing of conditions for supplier tender
  • Tender for subcontractor
  • The P&R facility with 184 parking places (including seven places for disabled people) built on 25 November 2015 next to the tram stop which connects with the city centre.


What were the outcomes of the measure?

General outcomes expected:

  • Provide information for travellers (through smart phones) about the traffic situation in real time
  • Provide information about empty parking spaces in both municipal parking lots and private parking lots
  • Use of up-to-date information technology to provide information directly to users (navigation system for vehicles, web application)
  • Provide traffic information

Specific, quantifiable outcomes expected:

  • Less cars entering the city centre
  • Increased public transport use
  • Better air quality

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November 2013

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