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Mobility Measure

Powered Cycle Hire

The trial of an electric bicycle hire scheme in the city of Bath by Powabyke.

Implementing sustainable mobility

To aim of the measure was to provide an alternative form of transport for the city, in the form of electric bicycles that could be hired at a network of hire stations. Powered bicycles were expected to prove a useful mode of transport in a city with a hilly topography and to compliment the conventional cycle hire of Measure 6.4.

The project was designed to achieve a modal shift from the private car to the bicycle in Bath with consequential reductions in pollution, energy usage and traffic congestion and was expected to establish the first electric cycle hire operation in the UK.  

How did the measure progress?

The demonstration project could not be introduced during the timescale of the CIVITAS project and the measure was terminated in project year 3.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Bath expects the measure to introduce electric cycle docking stations in the city centre and to the west of the city.

Basic Information

February 2013

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