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Mobility Measure

Personal Rapid Transit

An in-depth study was undertaken by Ultra Global Ltd to examine the feasibility of introducing Personal Rapid Transit into an historic city environment.

Implementing sustainable mobility

ULTra PRT offers a personal automotive taxi system running on its own guideway network. Passengers using the system travel alone or with their desired companions, as in a car or taxi. The system is emission free and provides an energy saving per passenger km over the car, bus or train.

A study was undertaken on the feasibility of introducing ULTra into an historic city environment such as Bath, and to examine in-depth design issues.  

How did the measure progress?

The Final Deliverable Report for the ULTra measure has now been produced.

A successful design competition was undertaken in 2009 which attracted participants from around the world.

This measure incorporates only a study and design phase with no demonstration project.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The Final Deliverable Report details projected ULTra demand, including recommendations on station locations and vehicle size, defines key sizing data for the system, i.e. number of vehicles, station size, and gives recommendations for the overall project design. 

Basic Information

February 2013

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