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Mobility Measure

Paying for parking by phone

The aim was to create a parking payment system that reduced paperwork, was integrated with the new park and ride system, was capable of discriminating in favour of eco-friendly vehicles, and helped to relieve traffic congestion and promote sustainable travel habits.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Prior to the measure implementation, Cork City Council operated a parking disk system for on-street parking in the city centre and suburbs, which required substantial resources to enforce. The lack of turnover of spaces led to access difficulties, and motorists driving around searching for free parking spaces contributed to traffic congestion in Cork’s narrow streets.

With the aid of CIVITAS, an innovative parking management/payment system was therefore introduced that could be accessed by mobile phone. Subscribers to the system are able to pay their parking fees by phoning the Park by Phone number displayed on the nearest street parking information sign. They can also receive information from the system about when their parking time is nearly up, the availability of parking spaces, and traffic restrictions. Parking fines can be paid and residence parking permits can also be purchased through the system.

How did the measure progress?

In spring 2003, traffic wardens were given a demonstration of how the new system would operate, and in September 2004, the final system design was completed. Parking area designation signs were installed, displaying the number to be keyed in when paying for parking. Radio and newspaper adverts then encouraged members of the public to register for the service.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The system went live in April 2005, with the possibility of incorporating additional features once a critical mass of subscribers and other support had been established.

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