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Mobility Measure

An open and smart public transport ticketing system

Implementation of an interoperable ticketing system for different mobility and touristic services in Madeira, along with the development of a complete pilot ticketing system and creation of a revenue split centre and web services farm.


Implementing sustainable mobility

Research into ticketing system requirements

With the support of local partners, Horários do Funchal’s technology department conducted extensive research to define the requirements for a new ticketing system. Some of the factors considered were the equipment required onboard, the user perspective, the possibility of mobile ticketing, and integration with a fleet control system.

Horários do Funchal met different ticketing system suppliers and analysed each advantage and disadvantage. They also visited GUAGUAS Municipales, the public transport operator in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (a fellow DESTINATIONS city), to share experiences.

Complete pilot ticketing system

Horários do Funchal has faced some difficulties with tendering processes. In December 2016, Horários do Funchal launched a tender to have access to the Application Programming Interface (API) of the current ticketing system to develop new ticketing options. However, this tender did not work out.

The bus operator then tried to acquire a new API, but this would require all ticketing equipment to be replaced, bringing with it considerable associated costs.

In January 2019, Horários do Funchal contacted the current supplier of the ticketing system to adapt the actual system to the new needs, e.g. special tickets for students, free passes, and new payment methods. However, the supplier asked for a new subcontract to analyse the possible solutions.

Considering the recurrent constraints with the current ticketing system supplier and that in parallel the onboard selling of tickets and fleet control system were being tested (under MAD 7.3), Horários do Funchal decided to extend the MAD 7.3 pilot.

All knowledge gathered on ticketing system requirements as part of this measure will be used in the future to implement a full ticketing system, possibly with the support of the European Regional Development Fund.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Test a more user-friendly ticketing system.
  • Decrease the problems related to the ticketing system (its various operational issues, ticket data being produced without information related to the bus stop and the bus line).