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Mobility Measure

New school bus link

A lack of transportation opportunities should not be a cause of exclusion amongst communities. This measure aims to provide a safe and environmentally friendly mode of transport for the children of the Romany community.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The purpose of the school bus link was to encourage the people of the Romany community to use public transport, thereby increasing social inclusion and opportunities for education. Ciurea, a rural district of Iasi Metropolitan Area, has the largest Romany community and was poorly served by public transport facilities, despite over 1,000 young people study in schools or university in Iasi. As a result of the communities severe problems with poverty, a large percentage of the Romany community have abandoned school. The City of Iasi wants to help the Romany community to integrate and have equal rights with city of Iasi citizens.

How did the measure progress?

The Ciurea village is under the County Council administration. The Iasi Municipality created a new transportation connection by introducing bus line 41b, which connects the two localities and thus ensures the transportation of the students belonging to the Romany community in Ciurea to schools and universities in Iasi.

Bus line 41b is an extension of line 41. The terminal located at Rond CUG of line 41 lies at the boundary of the city of Iasi, and the extension of line 41 satisfies the transportation needs of the students living in Ciurea towards most of the educational institutions in Iasi, as it crosses the centre of the city and it also reaches the university area. In January 2009 a study for the estimation of the number of citizens belonging to the Romany minority in Ciurea who use the transport facilities of line 41b was carried out. The conclusion of this estimation is that 9 out of 10 potential Romany passengers use the public transport facilities of line 41b each round trip. The evaluation was conducted at peak times (6:00-9:00 and 13:00-17:00), when most of the students have to get to the educational institutions.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The transport company and the City Hall of Ciurea concluded a contract regarding the issue of special passes for the students living in Ciurea in order to help them and encourage them to use the public transport service.

The surveys, carried out among Ciurea’s citizens, revealed a high level of awareness 70% - 2009, 74% - 2010, 2011 and for acceptance indicator we noticed an increase of percentage of passengers that are satisfied with new bus line services, from 78% within 2009 to 86% within 2011.  As a consequence, the monthly journeys made with buses, operate on this new line, increased constantly each year from 542,997 in 2009 to 603,330 in 2011.

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