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Mobility Measure

New park and ride facilities

Following the success of the city’s first park and ride scheme, the local authority in La Rochelle decided to further promote multimodal travel options by constructing a second facility.

Implementing sustainable mobility

A first park and ride facility was opened to the south of the city in 2002 and proved successful in helping to reduce the number of cars entering the city centre. A new facility was therefore planned at the northern entrance to the city, near one of the most important residential areas of La Rochelle and close to the main motorway from the north. It was mainly dedicated to people commuting into the city by car in order to foster multimodality for daily trips between home and work or school. The park and ride car park does not have a dedicated shuttle bus, since it is close to may bus lines already serving this area. It also features a bike-sharing station to encourage multimodality, and a collective taxi service is available for people working late in the city centre. The car park is also equipped with facilities for people with reduced mobility.

How did the measure progress?

Following an initial feasibility study and the acquisition of the land, the new park and ride facilities were completed in 2006 and inaugurated during Mobility Week in September. The launch was accompanied by various promotional activities: flyers, free vouchers for those wishing to test the service, meetings with company representatives and participation at mobility-related events and exhibitions.

An information desk was set up at the park and ride facility, and a video security system is permanently in operation.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The measure contributed to reducing the number of cars entering the city centre, although the number of subscribers was somewhat below the target set.

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November 2011

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