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Mobility Measure

Monitoring Centre for Road Safety and Accident Prevention

The municipality of Genoa aimed to reduce the number of fatalities on the roads by at least 50 percent by 2010 via the promotion of road safety and the encouragement of a new road safety culture among citizens.

Implementing sustainable mobility

In response to the need to improve traffic safety in the municipality of Genoa, a monitoring centre was established in order to gather data about traffic characteristics and road accident blackspots from the different actors in the field (including the police and emergency services). Procedures for data collection were defined, supported by appropriate information technology systems, and capacity to analyse the gathered data were improved by the introduction of new methodologies and by the implementation of an exhaustive multi-source data warehouse system and the synthesis of specific indicators for the evaluation of accident risks.

The database can be analysed in order to improve traffic safety and build a new safety culture among the local authorities, schools and citizens associations, highlighting the low-cost, high-benefit outcomes of improvements that reduce traffic accidents.

How did the measure progress?

The technical requirements for the system were established, including the database structure based on the existing accident data entry system of the municipal police, a selected health data set from Liguria Region information system, meteorological data coming from the Regional Agency for Environment, and road traffic data.


What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Cooperation among all actors improved.
  • The measure contributed to creating a local culture of road safety.
  • A powerful road safety analysis tool was created.
  • Operational plans to improve safety and reduce accidents in blackspots.
  • Definition of a set of indicators and risk analysis model.

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