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Mobility Measure

Mobility planning for tourism related companies

Mobility and tourism stakeholders will adopt mobility management techniques focusing on hotels and main touristic locations. This measure will promote and prepare tourist operators to be ambassadors for sustainable mobility. Behavioural techniques will be tested to change tourists’ mobility habits through real-life examples from tourist professionals.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Main actions

Sustainable transport campaigns and actions within tourism companies and actors for mobility of staff (hotels, tourism and mobility companies)

Horários do Funchal has been continuously contacting hotel reception staff who already sell public transport tickets to tourists. This interaction with the hotels intends to provide more information about PT products and specific PT information, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will promote the use of public transport by tourists.

With the inputs received from this, Horários do Funchal is updating itscommunication strategy. Another important input to define the commercial orientation is the surveys conducted with tourists in the port of Funchal and airport of Madeira.

The Regional Tourism Directorate prepared a Bus Guide. The information published in this booklet contains schedules about some of the local public transport routes that give access to some of the Madeira Islands' most popular tourist attractions, which tourists usually visit during their stay on the island.

PT drivers and staff receiving foreign language courses

Horários do Funchal is providing English training to its staff. This started with drivers, with it then being extended to other employees. Besides language courses, staff and mobility operators will receive training on customer service and care.

Develop a focus group with tourist operators

This activity occurred during the SRMP participation events (MAD2.2) and in cooperation with DESTI-SMART (Interreg Europe project).

Prepare promotional campaigns aimed at sustainable transport modes (through partnerships with tour operators)

At this point, the regional government has structured the campaign and finished its design. In April 2020, this campaign will be launched and promoted outdoors, on flyers and postcards,  and in videos.

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

More info

Bus Guide on the Visit Madeira website - see PDF.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Increase the knowledge of tourism professionals about sustainable transport options.
  • Increase the awareness of sustainable mobility options among tourists.
  • Improve the English-speaking ability of drivers and other transport professionals.
  • Hotel staff shifting their mobility options towards sustainable ones.