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Mobility Measure

Mobility management tools for tourists and local tourism operators

Launch of a web based touristic public transport info area and app for better mobility planning for tourists.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure develops mobility management techniques in the tourist sector focusing on hotels and main touristic attractor locations transforming the tourist operator into ambassadors. Behavioural techniques will be tested through tourist professional real life examples. 


  • To implement capacity-building activities to share, and promote sustainable mobility transport modes within tourists and local tourism operators
  • To inform tourist about sustainable mobility options with an integrated tool, embedded in the official tourism website and in other relevant touristic platforms
  • To promote, disseminate and share mobility and touristic information within tourists and touristic operators
  • To promote public transport service and sustainable transport modes in tourism sector
  • Increase of awareness for sustainable mobility among tourists
  • Enhance Madeira as an attractive tourist destination

How will this be achieved?

More details about the actions are the following:

  • Carry out surveys devoted to understand tourists mobility needs
  • Invitation of tourist operators to the focus groups
  • Research, development and implement an integrated touristic/cultural contents area in the Tourism official website at a regional level
  • Prepare promotional campaigns aiming sustainable transport modes, namely through partnerships with Tour Operators.
  • Sustainable transport campaign and action within tourism companies and actors for day to day mobility of staff (hotels and tourism and mobility companies).
  • Training for professionals with direct contact with tourists, namely, hotels receptionists, public transport front office and drivers, public transport tickets sellers, tourism attraction points.

How did the measure progress?

  • HF launched the second phase of a training module in English aimed to drivers
  • SRETC has produced a Bus Guide directed to the tourists with the main tourist routes of Madeira

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Launch of a web based touristic public transport info area and app for better mobility planning for tourists;
  • Creation of a permanent monitoring system to check tourist’s satisfaction through inquiries and focus group activities;
  • At least 200 hotel, tourism front office, animation companies or PT staff will receive training about mobility options. And at least 20 trainees will change their mobility habits towards more sustainable modes (to be managed by HF);
  • Drivers and operational staff of PT companies receiving training in English and service quality towards mobility